A Simple Tip From Influence And Persuasion Can Help Your Parenting

Influence and persuasion is one of the most studied of all subjects in the world. Parenting involves both influence and persuasion.  Can parents learn from those who study influence and persuasion?

Try thinking of a job which involves either or both of influence and persuasion.

  • Acting
  • Politics
  • Advocacy
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Teaching
  • Managing
  • Healing

The list goes on, it would be easier to think of a job which doesn’t involve influence and persuasion – so far I’ve not thought of one.

As influence and persuasion is so important to sales and marketing, it has been massively studied.  One of the preeminent authors in this field is Robert B Cialdini, his most famous book is

Influence: the science of persuasion


Yes! – 50 scientifically proven ways to be more persuasive

is every bit as much worth a read, especially for parents as it provide 50 helpful tips.

Have you ever had to persuade your children to

  • go to bed
  • do their homework
  • tidy their room

Tip 14 – “How can one small step help your influence take a giant leap” – can help

Research has found when people voluntarily agree to a small request they are much more likely to agree to a larger request later.  The key is the first agreement must be voluntary and not through coercion.

So for example if you want your child to tidy her room you could first ask she puts a pair of shoes away.

If you want you child to do some homework you  could first ask they read you a poem.

Note the initial request need not be related to the second larger request so you could first ask to be read a poem then later ask to tidy their bedroom.




Give it a try, let me know how you get on.

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