What Did You Do Today To Help Your Children Learn?

One of the ways that we learn is by copying those around us.
This is particularly so for young children.

So even if you are not actively or consciously trying to help your children learn just by having them around you whilst you’re doing stuff will help them learn.

If nothing else they will notice what you spend time on and assume the things you spend time on are more important to you.

So if you are busy with work and never have time to play, your children will register that working is more important than playing with them.

If you cook your own food your children will register that taking time to  prepare your food is time well spent, especially if they enjoy the food.

You can involve your children to some extent by talking about what your doing as you do it.

In this why they will not only see the things you do, but also learn the reasons why you are doing them.

You can involve them even more by letting them get involved.
Sure things may take a bit longer, there may be a bit more mess and occassionally you’ll have to do the task all over again your self.

We learn by practice and making mistakes is part of practice and as they say if you learn from a mistake,  it’s not a mistake.

After my youngest daughter had watched me make a cake a few times she asked if she could help.  After a few more cakes she asked if she could do it all herself. After a few more times she told me to go out of kitchen as she knew what to do.

So now she bakes cakes (and bread) for me!

Reading is a key skill for learning and earning.  Most jobs require the ability to read and it’s hard to have an education without being able to read.

You can really help by spending a few minutes a day listening to your children read. If nothing else you are showing that reading and listening to them read is important enough for you to devote some of your time to.  But you can also help them pronounce words they struggle with, help them if they lose their place and spot if they miss words or read words that aren’t there.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference and every little helps.

So what did you do today?
If it was nothing, there’s always tomorrow.

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